Cab Sanitization 


You’ve trusted us for over 50 years with cabs, entrances, and door systems. Trust us to give the elevator a protective layer. 

We’ve engineered two air sanitizing solutions, Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure and
Sani-Panel®, by taking proven strategies from laboratories and the healthcare industry and adapting them to meet the specific requirements of your elevator cab.


How is the Elevator Environment Unique

It's a Confined Space

New germs are constantly entering the cab when passengers sneeze, cough, or even just breathe

New, contaminated air is constantly entering the cab each time the doors open 


Columbia Elevator, in partnership with Grignard Pure, is bringing the first-of-its-kind, only EPA-approved, antimicrobial air treatment to the elevator industry

>98% Effective

Proven to effectively inactivate >98% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air in occupied spaces, where transmission is most likely, in 30 seconds, and >95% within 5 seconds.​

Continuous Treatment

Released continuously into the air of indoor spaces, killing virus particles as they enter from talking, coughing, sneezing, and breathing.

A Protective Layer

This technology has been around for more than 20 years to create the special lighting effects that we are accustomed to seeing at live music events, stage performances (including on Broadway), sporting events, and other live venues.



A wall-length lamp that delivers an inactivating dose of UV-C radiation in a single pass through the panel.

Customized to Your Cab

We’ll calculate the amount of UV wattage per cubic feet per minute your cab needs, based on its size, to provide the right combination of power and flow.

Adequate Contact Time & Intensity

The strength and length of the lamp is critical, ensuring that virus particles can be inactivated in a single pass.

Nose to Toes Airflow

Air gets sucked in from the bottom of the panel, then fans push the air up and out through the top of the cab, showering passengers with clean air.


What to Look for in Air Sanitizing Solutions for Elevators

  • The ability to inactivate virus particles in seconds (not minutes) to keep up with cleaning the new air that is constantly being introduced

  • The ability to customize the amount of treatment based on the number of people and size of the cab

  • Something that won’t produce any toxins or pose any new health hazards

  • Something that won’t degrade the materials in the car 


New Construction vs. Modernization?

Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure: New Construction & Modernization It is installed and mounted on the outside of the cab on the car top so it can be easily added to any new construction or retrofitted during any modernization project. Sani-Panel®: New Construction Only When you are designing your columbia cab, you can choose to upgrade with the addition of a Sani-Panel. The Sani-Panel will be custom designed and sized to be seamlessly incorporated into the architecture of the cab.

Do I need both solutions?

No, just one or the other is sufficient. Each solution is unique to our customers preferences.

Which is the more proactive approach and why?

Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure is a proactive solution as it fills the entire environment of the cab with an antimicrobial agent that kills the viruses on contact before they have a chance to land on surfaces or reach the other individuals in the cab. Sani-panel® on the other hand is a reactive solution. It works hard to pull the virus & bacteria out of the air, kill it, and return clean air into the car.

Can these solutions be used in any size elevator?

Yes, both these solutions work well no matter the size of the environment. Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure administers an invisible antimicrobial vapor that fills the interior of the car, no matter the size. It is powered by a closed loop system to provide continuous feedback to the Sani-Cab controller. This constantly monitors the levels of the viracide in the air to ensure maximum efficacy while maintaining the levels low enough to remain imperceptible by the riding public. Each Sani-Panel® is custom designed to deliver the proper dosage of UVC radiation depending on the volume of the car it is being installed in.

How can I purchase an air sanitizing solution from Columbia?

Both Sani-Panel® & Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure can be purchased through Columbia for new construction. Sani-Panels are customized and sized to fit new cabs specifically. For modernization projects, Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure can be purchased as an aftermarket product from one of Columbia’s distributor partners. All Grignard Pure solution refills can be ordered through our distributor partners.

Can you see Grignard Pure in the air?

No, the levels deployed into the cab by Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure are so low that they are completely invisible, odorless, and tasteless to the riding public. The only way you would know is by reading the decale placed on the interior of every cab to notify riders that the product is in use, as required by the EPA.

Are there any side effects of using Grignard Pure?

Not at all, actually most of us have already encountered Grignard pure on multiple occasions throughout our lives. This technology has been around for 20 years to create the special lighting effects we are accustomed to seeing at live music events, stage performances (including on Broadway), sporting events, and other live venues. It is 100% safe to breathe and we are deploying it at such low levels that it is completely imperceptible in the air.

Does Grignard Pure only fight Covid in the air?

No, Grignard Pure is a powerful solution that can kills (or inactivates) all germs including viruses, bacterium, mold spores, and fungi. It not only can kill the germs in the air but it is also effective on keeping surfaces in the environment germ free. While we are not advocating stopping other forms of viral mitigation protocols like episodic surface disinfection through cleaning, mask wearing, or social distancing; Grignard pure provides an extra layer of protection which compliments these techniques as it also provides surface disinfection in between periodic cleanings.

How long do the bulbs last?

The UV bulbs used in Sani-Panels® last longer than a year of continuous usage, but we recommend including annual replacements as part of the elevator's Maintence Control Plan.

How do I know when to replace the UV bulb in the Sani-Panel®?

Each Sani-Panel is equipped with a small, discrete UV safe window. If the bulb goes out and needs replacement, the light in the window will be out.