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Columbia Creating Captivating Cabs

Louis "LJ" Blaiotta, Jr. on Monday, February 4, 2019 at 12:00:00 am

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CE Cab AdInterior design, whether in a home or business environment, is a major influencer on peoples’ impressions, moods, states-of-mind, and desire to occupy a particular space. Life-defining decisions - such as whether to buy, rent, visit, or remain in an environment - are made daily by millions of people, based on the way a space looks and how it makes them feel. Rooms are designed to represent their creators’ points of view, statements about who they are, whom they seek to invite into the space, and for what purpose.

And, what is an elevator cab but, essentially, a small, specially designed room that transports its temporary inhabitants vertically through a structure? As such, a cab is subject to the same interior design principles as any other room. When a person enters a building, the lobby may be the first thing they see, but the elevator is likely the first thing they fully experience. More than strictly utilitarian, the elevator cab is an outstanding opportunity to convey the personality and attitude of the building that surrounds it, and, on an ongoing basis, to make riders feel good about engaging with it.

It is estimated that in America there are nearly 20 billion passenger trips per annum, and on average about a half dozen passengers per trip. That represents over 100 billion individual elevator rider engagements every year, a considerable number of opportunities to please people and bring value to the buildings the elevators serve. Elevator cab design affects more people in more ways than is commonly considered. In upcoming blogs, I’ll look at design, aesthetic, and safety issues and how they influence the way Columbia Elevator manufactures captivating cabs.



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