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Estimating Pricing Tools: Online Pricing Tool or Price Sheet from Columbia Elevator Estimators and Account Representatives

Louis "LJ" Blaiotta, Jr. on Monday, November 12, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

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Columbia Elevator Director of Engineering Klever Calderon works closely with our Estimating Team. If you have any unique design requests, give Klever a call to discuss your needs.

In my last blog entry, The Estimator: A Key Contact for Columbia Elevator Customers, I talked about how our Estimators and Account Representatives partner with the customer to execute an accurate quote for any job. For our regular customers seeking quote for basic jobs that require little customization, our Customer Service team provides access to a special tool: Columbia’s online pricing system.  

For customers with access to this tool, the system prompts the customer to answer several global questions. Typically, it’s as simple as adding quantities to questions about specifications - like finish and configuration. Once all customer information and specification criteria are entered, the tool totals up all the selected options. The quote can then be viewed and printed in a format that can be sent directly to the customer.

Follow-up is done by Columbia’s Estimators, who review the quote and verify all content to be certain that the information is accurate and complete. For example, the Estimator or customer needs to explain, comment on, or qualify certain conditions or exclusions so that we all understand exactly what has been priced and what Columbia Elevator can provide customers. When Columbia is awarded an order for a job that was quoted online, the information gathered by the tool is sent to our Engineering team to generate submittal drawings.

For more complicated quotes or cases where the basic online pricing tool cannot adequately address complex design scenarios, Estimators utilize a price sheet and work directly with our customer to understand all aspects of a job. Because there are many variables, a more manual process and often a phone call is more efficient for ensuring the customer is getting a quote for exactly what he needs.

Working directly with an Estimator or an Account Representative is best suited to price orders that are vast in scope or range over a few years with multiple phases, many buildings, and shafts. For some of our largest jobs - such as the LAX project we handled for OTIS involving multiple shafts in different buildings with installation over a period of years - we created excel spreadsheets to keep track of all the shafts with the varying finishes and configurations. This approach provided customers with an easy-to-digest history of pricing adjustments according to specifications changes and time-line updates.

Our Estimating Team and Account Representatives are happy to help you with ordering online or manually. You can contact us at or call our Director of Customer Services at (305) 693-4239 X 2233.



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