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Lou's Lessons

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Lou Blaiotta on Monday, December 26, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

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Dave Sutton, R & D Engineer and CEO LJ Blaiotta and Laura Blaiotta

All of us at Columbia Elevator wish you a Happy New Year!
Dave Sutton, R & D Engineer and CEO LJ Blaiotta and Laura Blaiotta.

It’s fun to contemplate what we’ll see in the future. We started with the birdcage experience and now can design elevators with walls of LED displays and biophilic image ceilings.

At Columbia Elevator Products, we can easily accommodate aesthetically appealing and always evolving elevator doors and cabs. See Columbia Elevator for specialty interiors including:

  • steel finishes colored at the molecular level, rather than just stained on the surface, allowing for the look of bronze without the worry of oxidation and repeated lacquering
  • hybridized looks, a combination of static laminate panels and digital displays of moving images, reflecting the movement away from simple static treatments.
  • digital displays allowing for a wide array of dramatic effects.
  • lighting replaced from incandescent to energy-efficient LED.
  • static, high-resolution photo images and advanced digital printing technology, to integrate company logos or entire scenes directly into laminate cab walls for visually stunning effects.

Bottom line is if you can imagine it. . . we can help you build it!



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