Columbia Elevator Cabs and Entrances

Elevator Entrances

Columbia Elevator Entrances

Columbia Elevator Offers:

Conventional Entrances

  •  a free-standing system at each landing 


  • Columbia’s patented tower system that begins in the pit and stacks in the hoistway
  • integrated sill support angles reduce adjustment time during installation

Custom Design

  • Some of the largest structures in the US have required Columbia’s design-engineers to reach new heights, including World Trade Center 3 & 4 and 432 Park Avenue.
  • If you have an entrance with special design criteria, contact Columbia Elevator Products.

Benefits of Columbia Entrances:

Columbia offers the largest UL certification in the industry in addition to having the authority from UL to provide UL Oversized Certificates, certifying that larger frames have been manufactured in accordance with UL procedure.

Columbia’s UL Label allows for

  • 14'-wide x 10'- high openings in masonry walls
  • 8' x 8' openings in drywall applications.

When larger openings are required, Columbia

  • can custom-fabricate to any oversized specification
  • has the authority from UL to provide an UL Oversized Certificate, certifying that the frames are fabricated to UL's stringent manufacturing procedure.

Columbia’s UL Certificate is also available for unlimited transom sizes.

All Columbia Entrances are designed for “single-person” fascia installation.

  • QuikEnt’s frame assembly can be pre-assembled and hoisted into place
  • QuikEnt’s integrated sill support system eliminates waiting for the GC or ironworkers to do their work
  • QuikEnt requires less grout

All Columbia Sliding Door Entrances:

  • are manufactured on numerically controlled punch press equipment, shearing equipment and press breaks, connected by a computer network to the engineering department for ultimate quality control
  • are subject to rigorous UL in-plant inspections and are UL labeled to certify compliance with the ANSI A17.1, section 2.11 of the elevator and escalator safety code.

All Columbia Entrances have:

  • Third-party-tested entrance assembly:
         o certified to meet NFPA 105 for smoke seals and
         o Coast Guard-approved for the manufacture of shipboard elevator entrances

  • Wide selection of interlocking sills
         o available in aluminum, bronze and nickel-bronze
         o 3-speed and 4-speed applications and
         o extensions to accommodate any jamb depth 

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