Columbia Elevator Cabs and Entrances


When you need a cab RIGHT NOW!

  • Insta CabInstaCab products are steel-shell passenger cabs. Prefabricated to various standard capacities, 2,500, 3,000, 3,500 and 4,000-pounds, with corresponding size doors. As the name implies, these cab shells are available for immediate shipping and installation. No need to wait for finished interiors.

  • With the prior installation of Columbia’s QuikEnt, customers can “instantly” install and begin using car shell as a construction hoist or freight lift while the building is being completed, with no concerns about damaging the panels. The product ships complete with lighting, fan and all components required for the car to pass inspection, allowing for a Certificate of Occupancy.

  • InstaCab is a two-step process. Upon order, Columbia immediately ships the shell, and, later, when the architect has finalized aesthetic decisions, ships the specified XchangaCab interior to finish the cab.

  • The initial package is shipped in two crates, one containing unhanded components such as walls and ceilings, and the other containing the car front, which is either left or right handed as specified for the desired capacity. All the shell panels are prefabricated in standard sizes/configurations, and supplemented with filler pieces of various sizes to accommodate specified capacities. This enables quick shipment as compared with the usual 10-12 week lead times common in today’s high-demand marketplace.

 Insta Cab Crates

A typical shipment of two “rush” jobs using InstaCab: the stack to the left is for a 3000-lb.-capacity cab with five QuikEnt entrances. The top crate markings indicate a 42-in.-wide left-handed opening for an 84-in.-wide platform. The crate below it contains the corresponding steel shell. The lowest two crates are for a stainless-steel entrance job with 42-in.-wide doors. The stack to the right contains a 2500-lb.-capacity cab with four entrances, with the bottom two indicating a prime finish to be painted in the field.