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residential elevator cabsAlure® Residential Package

Columbia’s ALURE® Automatic Residential Operator and Entrance System is the first product designed specifically for the residential installer and tested to A17 commercial code. The package consists of an ALURE door operator, tracks and hangers, backless doors, frames, header, door interlocks, gate switches and door hangers. 

ALURE installations are Wheelchair Friendly – no entrapment space, no door swinging into hallway and no pinch points on doors!

  • ALURE Entrances are UL Fire Rated, available in 36” clear opening widths and in clear opening heights up to 84”. They are shipped complete with track, interlock and closers, and are tested at nearly twice the required load capacity.  (Space-saving In-Wall configurations available – see below.)

  • Backless doors are lightweight, reducing energy costs while retaining a 2-hour fire rating, with backs and sound-deadening available upon request. 

  • The ALURE 3-speed configuration requires only a 53” hoistway footprint. It requires no struts and comes pre-assembled in the box. Simply tip the unit into place, secure the sill and frame, and hang the doors. The 2-speed configuration is not pre-assembled and requires a clear hoistway width of at least of 60”, including one strut.

  • The ALURE door operator features a quiet belt drive, closed-loop control. ALURE Operators are Intertek-certified; they come pre-assembled, ready to set into place, power and run.

  • All equipment tested to one million cycles.

  • Door interlocks and gate switches are UL-rated.

  • Glass doors available on non-fire rated applications.

Alure In-Wall Configuration Saves Space!

“Traditional” entrances are installed on sill support angles that consume valuable hoistway space. By contrast, In-Wall installations move the door equipment up onto the landing and into the shaft wall – saving hoistway space and allowing increase of the clear cab interior!