Columbia Elevator Cabs and Entrances

Steel Shell Elevator Cabs

All varieties of Columbia steel shell commercial passenger cabs feature InstaFast® assembly for the fastest and easiest assembly in the industry for cars that can accommodate 14 gauge metal! Where indicated or when 16 gauge or heavier metal is required, Columbia continues to be able to provide a cab shell bolted from the outside.

Columbia’s durable all-steel cabs are available in a wide variety of baked enamel colors and finishes. For customers desiring the appearance of a traditional wood core cab (plastic laminate on a particle board or plywood substrate) or a textured metal finish, but also requiring the functionality and performance offered by a steel car, we offer our proprietary LamiCan® models.

Columbia can provide steel shell cabs with hanging panels available in a variety of plastic laminates, hardwood veneers, or metallic skins, and can be trimmed with various edges and/or applied moldings. As with other steel shell cabs, hanging panel models may be assembled using InstaFast®

Quality Assurance:

All Columbia Elevator Cabs are preassembled in the factory for quality assurance!
   • All of our elevator components are custom cut and inspected.
   • The full cab is assembled in the plant for quality assurance.
   • The cab is then disassembled and packaged carefully to assure quick and easy final assembly at the job site.