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XChangaCab elevator cab

XChangaCab (XCC)

Columbia Elevator’s Innovative XChangaCab (XCC) provides customers with a fast, easy, economical way to increase a building’s aesthetics. 

  • XCC allows replacement of Walls, handrails, ceilings and/or lighting.
  • XCC system is comprised of individual panels, allowing an unlimited combination of designs, while, depending on your customer’s design, the size of the reveals, frieze and base are adjustable
  • XCC Cab panels are fabricated on fire-retardant particle board or honeycomb (where weight restrictions apply).
  • XCC design options are unlimited but the price remains economical.

    • Wide array of materials.
    • Vast selection of colors and patterns chosen for XCC interiors.
    • See Material and Finish Options page.
    • View Sample XChangaCab Designs

XCC makes downtime minimal with as few as 4 hours needed to install a Columbia Elevator’s Innovative XChangaCab (XCC)

  • Each cab comes with an installation template to make the install process fast and easy.
    • The only measurement required is the center of each wall.

        • Place the guide strips in the corners of the cab
        • Attach the template to the wall
        • Install the clips where shown and
        • Move the template from wall to wall.

  • XCC can help a building earn LEEDS points:

    •  low VOC finishes, adhesives, or substrates,
    •  energy-saving LED lighting.

Quality Assurance:

All Columbia Elevator Cabs are preassembled in the factory for quality assurance!
   • All of our elevator components are custom cut and inspected.
   • The full cab is assembled in the plant for quality assurance.
   • The cab is then disassembled and packaged carefully to assure quick and easy final assembly at the job site.

Get a Price Today!

XChangaCab (XCC) orders are quick and easy to price using Columbia Elevator Product’s Online Quote System!
• Register today and you will have the capacity to quickly get an XCC quotation with a few short clicks on the keyboard.
• If your job specifications call for special materials or non-standard sizes, email your request and specifications to
• Job specific consultation is always available by emailing or calling one of Columbia Elevator’s skilled representatives.

View/Download the XChangaCab brochure - 3.4 mb pdf