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Louis BlaiottaWho's Lou?

I’m Lou Blaiotta, and I’ve been involved in some form or another of the elevator business since 1949.  All in all, I’ve spent my time in this business constantly looking for ways to improve it: from production to marketing to installation. Now, working as a consultant for Columbia Elevator, I feel it’s time to share the knowledge I’ve picked up over my many years in this business. Here is my story of how I have become an “institution” in the Elevator Industry and why I believe you’ll find my lessons worth reading.

My passion for elevators began when I was studying at Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture and working as an office boy at Williamsburg Steel Products Co. Eventually, I rose to the position of draftsman. After a 2-year stint with the Army, I returned to Williamsburg Steel in 1956.  I was fortunate to take on various responsibilities including engineering, working as a construction manager, estimating, working in sales, and, as a side project, designing the Williamsburg Elevator Products Catalog. Those were my lessons on the basics of elevators.

In 1958, I became the sales manager of the Williamsburg Elevator Products Division, and my career in elevators was born. After a few years studying the processes we undertook in marketing our product, I came up with a different method of marketing elevator entrances and cabs to independent elevator contractors. My employers did not want to pursue my new idea. So I gave them my 9 months’ notice..

In 1965, I ‘birthed’ Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc. Williamsburg Steel granted my venture $25,000 worth of merchandise credit and served as my new company’s primary source of door panels for the first 8 years of our existence. The rest, as they say, is history…

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Past Lou's Lessons:

Below you will find a list of Lou’s most current Lessons posted to the Columbia Elevator Products Blog pages. 

Lou is always looking for new topics scheduled for discussion.  If you have a question to ask Lou please write to him at

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