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Columbia Elevator Products, Co, Inc., a complete elevator architectural company, is The Leading Edge in Elevator Cabs, Entrances & Door Systems. Columbia Elevator provides our customers with innovative UL certified products that save our clients installation time and provide installation safety. Working as a consultant manufacturer, Columbia Elevator can provide an entire cab and entrance package or separate products many of which can hold our exclusive UL Certified fire safety label.

Columbia Elevator has built and maintained its reputation in the industry as an innovator dedicated to the research and development of quality products that allow for ease of installation and safety to the mechanic and the riding public.

Safe, Quality Products manufactured on a timely basis:

Columbia Elevator UL Certifications are innovative and exclusive to their products:

  • Since 1975, Columbia Elevator entrances have carried an Underwriters Laboratory label procedure for entrances.
  • Since 1989,Columbia Elevator holds an exclusive UL classified cab procedure in accord with ASME/A17.1 Rule 204 (now Section 2)
  • Since 1986, Columbia has offered the industry's only entrance tested in compliance with NFPA 105 for smoke penetration.
  • And now in 2014, Columbia Elevator has filed and fire tested a Door Operator system and will soon make available to customers UL certified Robusta Hatch equipment. 
  • InstaFast® is Columbia's technology for INSTAntly FASTening elevator cab components without the need for bolts and is the safest installation package in the industry.

Columbia Elevator is considered the ‘One Stop Shop’ for many in the elevator industry because we can build any cab, entrance, or elevator package according to any customer’s needs or specifications.

Columbia Elevator can manufacture whatever is needed to interface with your equipment.

  • a small order of two entrances
  • high volume of entrances and cabs
  • oversize doors, entrances, and cabs
  • residential elevator and operator packages for tight/small hoistways
  • and more.

To begin ordering exclusive Columbia Elevator Products contact one of our representatives. 

In addition, ask a representative to train you in use of our Online Quotation System designed to provide quick quotations for small, less complex entrance, door, and/or cab jobs.