Columbia Elevator Cabs and Entrances


Company Profile

Columbia expanded its legacy headquarters in Port Chester, NY, in 2003 with the addition of a second distribution center in Port Chester NY.  Late 2005 came the addition of a plant in Miami, Florida, resulting in an aggregate operational footage of 110,000 sq ft. and the complete reorganization of Columbia’s manufacturing and fulfillment regimen.  The company began operating from the two locations, each specializing in its own discipline:  one plant in Port Chester primarily creating entrances and the other in Miami making cabs.  At the same time, Columbia opened a shipping facility near its Port Chester headquarters to provide its customers with a seamless order-through-shipping experience.

In late 2007, Columbia acquired Elevator Solutions in Winfield, Kansas. This 90,000 square-foot addition strategically complements Columbia's existing two factories in New York and Miami, bringing the company's operational footage to over 200,000 sq. ft. Elevator Solutions was already in the business of manufacturing elevator entrances, doors and cabs, similar to Columbia's existing business model, but was also offering an additional product line of door operator equipment that has become a permanent addition to Columbia's line. Elevator Solutions' central location in the state of Kansas now provides Columbia with a widely broadened footprint in terms of delivery service. Eighty percent of the North American population is now within 500 miles of one of Columbia's factories.

During the summer of 2009, Columbia moved to its new modern headquarters, 170,000 square-foot plant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, replacing the original, much smaller Port Chester, NY facility, and bringing Columbia's total production space to 325,000 square feet.