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InstaFast Elevator Cabs

InstaFast® is Columbia's technology to INSTAntly FASTen elevator cab panels without the need for bolts.

InstaFast® is SAFE – FAST – EASY

  • InstaFast® design uses male and female joints
  • InstaFast® bolts are accessible from the inside of the cab platform.
  • InstaFast® panels are light enough to be handled easily by one person and can easily fit through existing openings for renovations.
  • InstaFast® installation eliminates the need to open up existing walls or require a mechanic to climb into a hoistway.

InstaFast® installation is completed in seven easy steps!

InstaFast® joints secure the panels together in a fast, easy, and safe process. Just a couple of bolts secure the wall panels to the base!

  1. Cab installation begins at the strike column.
  2. Panels are numbered sequentially. Taking the first panel, lift into place engaging the InstaFast teeth.
  3. Continue adding adjacent wall panels to complete the side and rear walls.
  4. Last, install the return panel.
  5. Be sure to tighten bolts to the floor at this time.
  6. Moving to the canopy, install the rear panel first and using the InstaFast teeth to hook panels together continue to the front of the cab.
  7. Last, place the transom/operator assembly on top of the strike post and return panel.

View the InstaFast® Installation Video online.

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Quality Assurance:

All Columbia Elevator Cabs are preassembled in the factory for quality assurance!
   • All of our elevator components are custom cut and inspected.
   • The full cab is assembled in the plant for quality assurance.
   • The cab is then disassembled and packaged carefully to assure quick and easy final assembly at the job site.