Columbia Elevator Cabs and Entrances



LamiCan® is Columbia's term for its laminated InstaFast® shell. Plastic laminates, wood veneers or metallic skins are applied directly to the steel wall panels. Installation of splines or stainless steel strips between the panels give the plastic laminate edges the appearance of hanging panels.

For the rich appearance of a traditional wood core cab (plastic laminate on a particle board or plywood substrate) – or of a textured metal finish, with all the advantages of a steel car – there's LamiCan® Columbia's exclusive Laminated Cab.

An “old” cab can be made ADA Compliant by applying plastic laminate directly to the steel shell and adding to the clear cab interior.

LamiCan® combined with Columbia's InstaFast® quick-assembly process provides the best and most competitive solution in the business!

  • LamiCan® accommodates additional platform space to make the cab ADA Compliant!
  • LamiCan® combined with our exclusive InstaFast® installation process allows you to assemble the new cab from inside the car when modernizing an elevator in a tight shaftway!
  • LamiCan® panels are light enough and expertly sized to fit in an existing opening without opening up existing walls!
  • LamiCan® can accommodate a "wood" look without the weight of a wood core or hanging panel cab
  • LamiCan® can accommodate "wood" look cab in high-moisture conditions when combined with the InstaFast® steel shell!

Quality Assurance:

All Columbia Elevator Cabs are preassembled in the factory for quality assurance!
   • All of our elevator components are custom cut and inspected.
   • The full cab is assembled in the plant for quality assurance.
   • The cab is then disassembled and packaged carefully to assure quick and easy final assembly at the job site.