Columbia Elevator Cabs and Entrances


Marc Dinkes

VP Systems

Marc Dinkes

Marc holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Cooper Union and a Masters in Computer Systems Engineering from RPI.  He joined Columbia Elevator in 2004 to help grow the company from a small, single location company to the larger, three location company it is today, utilizing his skills in system design, process development and technology.

His extensive experience includes 13 years as an engineer and supervisor at Bell Labs, developing custom computer based products for traditional telephone, medical electronics and audio conferencing.  Additional experience includes working for a company using digital documents for FDA applications and operating his own company, Imaging Solutions, which consulted in software development, computer architecture, technology evaluation and website development.

Says Marc:  "I am responsible for all systems at Columbia, including IT/IS, Quality, Compliance and Engineering.  Some notable projects are the parameter-based approval and production drawing system, the online quotation system, and our estimate tracking system.  My work spans every area of the company, so every day has new challenges.  I enjoy developing innovative solutions to help the company grow and sustain quality."