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The Best Products at the Best Value in the Fastest Time Frame!

Excellence – Columbia Elevator Products, Co., Inc. manufactures high quality products that exceed industry standards. Check out our UL Certifications for Entrances, Doors, Cabs, and Door Operators!

We make it Better!

Economy – Columbia Elevator’s competitive pricing guarantees our customers receive high quality entrance, door, cab, door operator and track products that exceed industry standards at a great value.

We make it Better at the Best Value!

Expediency – Columbia Elevator staff provide responsive, timely service in estimating, customer care, deliveries, and more!

We make it Better at the Best Value and we make it Faster!

Columbia Elevator Products = Excellence + Economy + Expediency

Columbia Elevator Entrances require minimal installation time.

Columbia Elevator Cabs provide unique safety and easy installation designs for field elevator mechanics.

Columbia Elevator Door Operator Systems available for all applications allow for One-Stop-Shopping.

  • ALURE® – low profile linear operator, is pendant driven from the top of the door - ideal for Glass Doors 
  • Harmonic – rugged, versatile operator compatible with MAC 
  • Robusta – low profile linear operator robust enough for commercial applications