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Columbia's LU/LA (Limited Use/Limited Access) line was developed expressly to address today's post-ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) environment: an ideal solution where accessibility is an issue and code compliance conflicts with tight space requirements. These ADA-compliant cabs follow the same strict, in-plant UL inspected fabrication and labeling procedures as Columbia's commercial passenger and freight cabs, but have been designed with the additional considerations of the tight space/light weight criteria of the accessibility marketplace.

LU/LA elevators are ideal for schools, churches and other applications requiring ADA compliance in limited space. Our LU/LA package uses Columbia’s ALURE® linear door operator, tracks and hangers to provide the most available shaft space.

  • The LU/LA entrance is UL fire rated, available in 36”, 42” and up to 96” in height (weight limitations apply).

  • The  LU/LA door operator features a quiet belt drive, closed-loop control.  Operators are Intertek-certified; they come pre-assembled, ready to set into place, power and run.

  • All equipment tested to one million cycles.

  • Door interlocks and gate switches are UL-rated.

  • Glass doors available on non-fire rated applications.

LU/LA In-Wall Configuration Saves Space!

“Traditional” entrances are installed on sill support angles that consume valuable hoistway space. By contrast, In-Wall installations move the door equipment up onto the landing and into the shaft wall – saving hoistway space and allowing increase of the clear cab interior!