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Sliding Door

All Columbia Sliding Door Entrances are UL in-plant inspected and labeled, certifying compliance with the ANSI A17.1, section 110, of the elevator and escalator safety code. In situations where extremely large openings are required, Columbia's label allows for 14'-wide x 10'-high openings in masonry walls, and 8'x8' openings in dry walls (sheet rock). Plus Columbia can custom-fabricate to any oversized specification and has the authority from UL to provide a UL Oversized Certificate, certifying that the frames are fabricated to UL's stringent manufacturing procedure. This certificate is also available for unlimited transom sizes. Other features include:

  • The industry's only complete line of third-party-tested and in-plant inspected slide and smoke seal entrances

  • The industry's only third-party-tested entrance assembly, certified to meet NFPA 105 for smoke seals, and Coast Guard-approved for the manufacture of shipboard elevator entrances

  • The industry's only entrances designed for "single-person" fascia installation

  • A wide selection of interlocking sill assemblies in aluminum, bronze and nickel-bronze


Long Wharf Maritime Center, Osprey House, Nestle Corporation