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Entrance Specifications

Unit Frame

  • Manufactured of "Commercial Level Grade" carbon steel (#304 stainless steel or sheet bronze alloy #280-Muntz) of 16-gauge minimum thickness
  • Formed of one-piece metal comprising of integral trim and span fire rated shaft walls.
  • Provided with listed interface anchorage and UL labeled accordingly


  • Manufactured of "Commercial Level Grade" carbon steel of 18-gauge minimum thickness (available in 14-gauge or 16-gauge if required)
  • Fabricated to enclose sound absorbing material of 1.25" minimum thickness
  • Rated for 1-1/2 hour fire resistance and UL labeled accordingly
  • Can be clad with stainless or bronze


  • Manufactured standard as a quality aluminum (bronze or nickel-bronze) sill with a grooved slip resistant surface
  • Provided with anchors to fasten to floor slab or optional sill support angles

Header/track supports 

  • Formed of zinc coated steel, 10-gauge minimum thickness, extending the full travel of the door(s) 
  • Anchored securely to the unit frame, adjacent wall, or beam above 

Hanger Cover Plate (when provided)

  • Fabricated of 16-gauge zinc coated steel extending the width of the opening or the full travel of the door(s)

Struts (when provided)

  • Formed of zinc coated steel 10-gauge minimum thickness; or of structural angles, as required


  • Fabricated of 16-gauge minimum thickness zinc coated steel extending the full width of the opening, fastened to header and sill of floor above.

Toe Guard And Dust Cover

  • Fabricated to be similar to fascia material but beveled to 60-degree angle to fasten to wall below the sill and above the header

Finish Quality 

  • All metal surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and treated to prevent corrosion
  • Enamel finishes are coated with EPA compliant primers and top coated with quality baking enamels cured to a 3-mil minimum thickness.
  • Bronze materials are coated with a factory applied strippable lacquer for job site repair when necessary.

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