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Elevator Operators & Tracks

elevator operatorColumbia Elevator manufactures a time-tested line of robust operator equipment with track and hanger options.

Harmonic Door Operator

Columbia Harmonic Operator and Track equipment is extremely well –constructed, using a design that has been tested with over 40 years of installations. In addition, Columbia's Harmonic Operator track is available for both the car side and entrance side.

Modernizations are simplified as this equipment is compatible with thousands of MAC® installations across North America. Available in a wide range of sizes, Columbia Harmonic Operator equipment is also well suited for new installations.

All of Columbia Operator and track equipment, including our closed loop operator, is manufactured in our facility by associates with years of experience.

Linear Door Operator

Designed for Commercial, LULA and Residential applications, Columbia Elevator’s patented (#7424935) ALURE® car operator and entrance system utilizes world-class technology to meet the demands of the most discriminating customer. The ALURE system is currently available in a 36” opening width, in both 3- and 2-speed configurations. The ALURE is fully automatic and fully tested to the 2-hour fire rating requirements of A17, thus incorporating commercial safety elements and eliminating potential pinch point and entrapment issues common in typical residential design.

The 36” 3-speed configuration requires just 53” of hoistway width and the entrance is delivered assembled, complete with a 3-way adjustable sill and sill support. Both the 2- and 3-speed models are available in 80 and 84” opening heights to fit most installations. Choose your finish from stainless steel or 31 standard baked-enamel paint colors. Or you may choose to order your entrances in a primed finish so your customer’s design elements can be custom matched on-site.

Latest technology... safety for your customer their families... high degree of pre-assembly for labor and time saving installation... one purchase order for your entrance, track and operator… all add up to make the ALURE system a smart choice!

View/Download Harmonic Operator & Track Options Brochure - 565 kb pdf

View/Download Linear Operator & Track Options Brochure - 524 kb pdf