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"Throughout Columbia's growth they still provide that same old-world customer service. Their continued product development and ease of installation give us a competitive edge, while the quality and on time deliveries help us meet and exceed our clients’ expectations."
-- All-Ways Elevator, Inc.

"Columbia Elevator...the most dependable elevator entrance and cab manufacturer in the industry."
-- Delaware Elevator Inc.

"Always sure of receiving the best quality, dependable deliveries at very, very competitive prices."
-- Port Elevator Inc.

"Columbia...our exclusive entrance and cab manufacturer of choice."
-- Payton Elevator Co., Inc.

"Louis Blaiotta is one of the most knowledgeable men of our elevator industry."
-- Global Elevator Prods. Inc.

"Have relied on Columbia since 1976...the spirit of America can be illustrated by how well Elcon and Columbia work together."
-- Elcon Enterprises, Inc.

"The elevator industry is a different place because of Louis Blaiotta."
-- William C. Sturgeon - Elevator World

"Your honesty was impressive. Your concern for your employees (wages and otherwise), the small town atmosphere with the modern product, seeing father and son work together, and willingness to hire and train people of many ethnic backgrounds were heartwarming. Also appreciated the forward thinking on factory layout and computer-aided design."

"We have purchased elevator entrances and cabs exclusively from Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc. of Port Chester, NY for the last five years. Their response to Automatic Elevator Co.'s needs have consistently met our requirements and expectations...(providing) excellent, efficient, and economic package to our customers. This contractor / supplier partnership has nurtured a deep relationship between the employees of both firms."
-- Automatic Elevator Co., Inc.

"Barist Elevator Co. can be assured of expert "CODE COMPLIANT" advice by the principals of Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc. Our primary concern is for quality code compliant products purchased at competitive prices with deliveries that are realistic. Confident that both our firms will continue the relationship for a very long time."
-- Barist Elevator Co.

"I have nothing but good words, thoughts and praise for Lou Blaiotta of Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc. Even though Columbia Elevator Products are competitors of Dural Door Co., I can think of no other person, client, supplier or consultant that has been and is now a dearer friend to me, my family or, my employees."
-- Dural Door Co., Inc.

"We consider Louis Blaiotta one of the most knowledgeable men of our elevator industry, a philanthropist and humanitarian...proud to call him our friend."
-- Elevator Motors / Materials Corp.

"Our respect for Mr. Blaiotta and his firm, Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc., is of the highest regard. The management and employees of GAL recognize and are aware of his accomplishments within our industry. We trust Lou's advice and consent on elevator safety code matters and how they affect GAL and its customers."
--GAL Manufacturing Company

"For good suppliers, we rely on our entrance and cab manufacturer, Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc. and its family ownership, Louis Blaiotta and son, L.J. They and their engineering staff are all technically trained and product knowledgeable."
-- Consolidated Elevator Service Co.