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  • What does Columbia Elevator manufacture?
    Columbia manufactures new and replacement architectural products for elevators: cabs, entrances, and door systems. Our products are ideal for LULA/Residential or Commercial applications and we serve the North American market.
  • Does Columbia Elevator manufacture the entire elevator system?
    No, Columbia does not manufacture the mechanical or logical components of an elevator system, such as jacks, pumps, traction equipment, fixtures, controllers, etc. We make only cabs, complete entrances, and door systems, which includes operators and track.
  • Does Columbia Elevator make freight cars and doors?
    Yes, Columbia manufactures freight cars complete with horizontally sliding doors. If your project requires vertically sliding doors or gates, we can provide them through one of our 3rd party vendors.
  • Does Columbia Elevator install and/or service elevator systems?
    No, Columbia does not service or install elevators.
  • Can Columbia Elevator recommend an installing elevator contractor?
    No, architects and general contractors typically engage the services of installing elevator contractors. However, if you have an existing elevator, or you wish to directly engage a contractor to perform an installation, it is best to consult a local business directory under the category of Elevator Service/Maintenance/Repair. For further assistance in locating an elevator contractor in your area, you may contact: National Association Of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) 1298 Wellbrook Circle NE Conyers, Georgia 30012 Telephone: (770) 760-9660 Fax Number: (770) 760-9714 Contact: Rená Cozart, Executive Director NAEC is a national association of elevator contractors and suppliers serving primarily the interests of independent elevator contractors and independent suppliers of products and services; promoting safe and reliable elevator, escalator and short-range transportation and promoting excellence in the management of member companies.
  • Have more questions?
    Reach out to us at
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