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LamiCan® laminate interiors combined with Columbia’s InstaFast® cab shell technology gives you the appearance of a traditional wood core cab or of a textured metal finish, but with all the advantages of a steel car.

  • The use of InstaFast® cab shell technology allows you to assemble the new cab from inside the car when modernizing an elevator in a tight shaftway

  • Panels are small enough to fit through existing door openings, eliminating the need to open up corridor walls

  • Choose from a variety of plastic laminates, wood veneers, or metallic skins, which are then applied directly to the steel wall panels

  • Installation of splines (stainless steel strips) between the panels give the appearance of hanging panels

  • Applying laminate directly to the steel shell is not only lighter weight than wood core cabs or hanging panels, it’s much better suited for high moisture environments

  • Thinner wall panels allow for more cab interior space, which helps to achieve ADA compliance

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