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The Sani-Cab system utilizes a First Pass Kill & Capture strategy based on proven techniques used in laboratories and the healthcare industry. It combines wall-length UVC and double filtration (MERV & HEPA) to clean the air, then streams it through a specially designed suspended ceiling that creates a curtain of clean air to separate breathing zones.


Sani-Cab Mod has been designed to retrofit existing elevators.

Sani-Cab Mod Deposit

  • This is a pre-order, fully refundable deposit, until purchase order is received. Each deposit entitles you to one (1) Sani-Cab Mod unit and one (1) Pre-Order Number that holds your place in line.  Pre-Order Numbers are not transferable.


    Each Sani-Cab Mod unit is one (1) elevator cab. If you need multiple cabs, purchase multiple units.


    Limit: 10 per customer, at this time. 

  • Pre-order deposits are 100% refundable prior to receiving a purchase order. Please note that if you cancel your pre-order, you will lose your place in line.


    San-Cab Mod pre-orders are limited to 10 per customer, at this time. If you purchase more than 10, the difference will be refunded.

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