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There is beauty in simplicity. With a cab interior that can be installed in as few as 6 hours, your customers benefit from reduced labor costs and their tenants can enjoy minimal downtime during construction.

  • Ideal for new construction or modernization

  • Perfect for use with Columbia’s InstaCab steel shell

  • Easy to install – requires only a single measurement

  • Unlimited design options – panel finishes, reveals, frieze, handrails, bumper rails, ceiling finishes, and lighting styles can all be customized


We offer 6 base styles to choose from, and from there you can customize with your design preferences.

Cab Ceilings:

All ceilings shown are manufactured on a fire-retardant substrate.

  • Downlight Ceilings​

    • Frameless

      • Available in your choice of plastic laminate, SS#4 or #8, or Muntz #4 or #8 face.

    • Framed

      • Available in your choice of finishes for both the face of the ceiling and the frame – plastic laminate, SS#4 or #8, or Muntz #4 or #8.

    • ​Downlight Lighting options include Halogen or LED.​

    • If cab capacity is <3500lbs, the ceiling will have 6 panels.

    • If cab capacity is > or = to 3500lbs, the ceiling will have 9 panels 

  • Translucent Ceiling

    • Translucent Lexan panels in an aluminum T-frame with fluorescent lighting.

  • Dome Canopy Lighting

  • Mini Lights

  • Light Troughs

  • Tamperproof ceilings with vandal resistant lights

Reveals, Frieze & Base:
  • Reveals

    • Available in black plastic laminate, S/ST, or Muntz in widths from ¼” to 2”.

  • Base & Frieze

    • Available in S/ST in sizes from 2” to 6”. Special sizes are available upon request.

  • Standard handrail sizes include:

    • 1 ½” Round Tubular

    • 2” x 3/8” Flat Bar

  •  All handrails are available in SS#4 or #8 and Muntz #4 or #8, with or without returned ends.

  •  Special-design or stone handrails are available upon request.

Bumper Rails:
  • Available in a variety of sizes from 2” to 8”.

  • They’re usually mounted 12” from the floor in cases where a push cart or hand truck might strike the wall of your newly renovated cab.

Cabs Pads & Clamps
  • Protect your cab interiors with industry-standard, high-quality vinyl cab pads & clamps.

  • Available in dark grey or beige.

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