Sani-Cab™ By Columbia Elevator


Sani-Cab™ is an engineered air-cleaning system for elevator cabs designed in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Its unique approach takes the proven strategies from laboratories and the healthcare industry and adapts them to meet the specific requirements of your cab, making the elevator one of the safest indoor spaces to breathe.

Passenger Safety & Comfort

Elevators are an essential part of our everyday lives, but in the midst of a global pandemic, riding in one could be the riskiest 90 seconds of your day... until now. The riding public can take comfort in knowing an elevator retrofitted with Sani-Cab is one of the safest spaces in the building to breathe.

First Pass Kill & Capture

Sani-Cab™ combines the germicidal abilities of high-output Ultraviolet (UV) radiation with the pathogen capturing abilities of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration. The UVC sanitation and HEPA filtration components work independently of each other, providing built-in redundancy to sanitize the cab air.

Ventilated Suspended Ceiling

Sani-Cab™ showers passengers with clean air, as well as creates a curtain of clean air to separate breathing zones, through strategically placed ventilation holes around the light fixtures and along the grid lines in the ceiling. Passengers standing directly under a light are in their own compartmentalized air zone.

Engineered Solution

Sani-Cab™ is a modular system that is engineered for each specific elevator so that it is appropriately matched to cab volumes and environments, offering the right combination of power and flow (UV wattage per cubic feet per minute (CFM)). The technology used to develop Sani-Cab has been proven to kill 99.9% of pathogens.

Sani-Cab™ Mod

Perfect to retrofit existing elevator cabs in hospitals, schools, high-rise office buildings or residences, airports, and hotels, where it is critical to move more people safely.

Available for Pre-Order Now

Quantities are limited, so reserve your space in line by pre-ordering a Sani-Cab™ Mod today! Contact your account rep for more information.


How It Works

Nose to Toes Airflow

The breathing zone is flooded with clean air while dirty air is pushed toward the floor where it produces no harm.

Wall-length UVC Light

Adequate lamp intensity and contact time deliver an inactivating dose of germicidal UVC in a single pass.

MERV & HEPA Filters

The MERV-13 acts as a pre-filter for the gold standard HEPA which captures 99.97% of 0.3 microns.

A Shower & Curtain of Clean Air

A continuous stream of clean air flows through the vents in the suspended ceiling and creates a curtain of air surrounding each passenger’s breathing zone.

Breathing Zone

Sani-Cab floods the breathing zone with a plume of clean air, giving passengers a sense of comfort.

Why Sani-Cab™?

Direction of airflow is nose to toes

The direction of the airflow in an elevator enclosure is crucial. Sani-Cab™ utilizes the Supply High & Exhaust Low (SHEL) approach, which is how hospitals and laboratories efficiently move pathogens and contaminants out of the breathing zone and toward the floor.


Can Sani-Cab™ Mod be used in any elevator?

Yes! Any existing elevator can be retrofitted with a Sani-Cab™ Mod and it will be engineered to meet the exact specifications of your elevator in order to flood a cab's breathing zone with treated air. One (1) Sani-Cab™ Mod unit is good for one (1) elevator cab.

What is included with the Sani-Cab™ Mod?

The side panels with wall-length UV lamps and a ventilated suspended ceiling complete with MERV & HEPA filters, and fans. The exact quantity of side panels will be dependent on the size of your cab. The side panel can be finished to match your cab’s existing interior, or you can refinish your entire cab with an XChangaCab®.

Why do I need to pre-order Sani-Cab™ Mod?

Limited quantities of Sani-Cab™ Mod will be available, and we want to give you the opportunity to reserve some before they sell out. If you don’t pre-order now, you’ll miss out on the first round of production.

The pre-order deposit is $100, but how much will Sani-Cab™ Mod cost?

Because Sani-Cab™ Mod is engineered to meet your cab’s requirements, the final cost will differ per unit.

When can I expect to receive the Sani-Cab™ Mods that I’m pre-ordering today?

We do not have a production date at this time. Once you complete your deposit, we will notify you when it is your turn for production.