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Cab Sanitization 


You’ve trusted us for over 50 years with cabs, entrances, and door systems. Trust us to give the elevator a protective layer. 

Sani-Cab® powered by Grignard Pure has taken proven strategies from laboratories and the healthcare industry and adapting them to meet the specific requirements of your elevator cab.


How is the Elevator Environment Unique

It's a Confined Space

New germs are constantly entering the cab when passengers sneeze, cough, or even just breathe

New, contaminated air is constantly entering the cab each time the doors open 


Columbia Elevator, in partnership with Grignard Pure, is bringing the first-of-its-kind, only EPA-approved, antimicrobial air treatment to the elevator industry

>98% Effective

Proven to effectively inactivate >98% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air in occupied spaces, where transmission is most likely, in 30 seconds, and >95% within 5 seconds.​

Continuous Treatment

Released continuously into the air of indoor spaces, killing virus particles as they enter from talking, coughing, sneezing, and breathing.

A Protective Layer

This technology has been around for more than 20 years to create the special lighting effects that we are accustomed to seeing at live music events, stage performances (including on Broadway), sporting events, and other live venues.

What to Look for in Air Sanitizing Solutions for Elevators

  • The ability to inactivate virus particles in seconds (not minutes) to keep up with cleaning the new air that is constantly being introduced

  • The ability to customize the amount of treatment based on the number of people and size of the cab

  • Something that won’t produce any toxins or pose any new health hazards

  • Something that won’t degrade the materials in the car 


Download Our
Sani-Cab™ Sellsheet
Grignard Pure Saftey Data Sheet
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Results for Aerosol Treatment Technology Evaluation with Grignard Pure
EPA Approves Emergency Exemption for Antiviral Air Treatment
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